It's Kinda Like Hockey, Eh?

so tough
Just when you think, 'Man, let's get this crap-factory of a game over with so we can come back and whoop some Tiger ass tomorrow'...

AL MVP Justin Morneau breaks his nose.

And he's usually pretty awesome at digging those Nick Punto one-hoppers out of the dirt. His status is day-to-day, but he will most likely play tomorrow night's game. It's not like this is the first time the Canadian Crusher's honker has been busted.
"Street Hockey," he said.
This just in: Sidney Ponson sucks at baseball.

[Sporting News]


jake the snake said...

He's so tough.

Sir Sidney sucks at baseball? Surely you jest.

Megs said...

I swear to all that is holy if Pontoon isn't in the bullpen or the minors by the All-Star break, I'm gonna freak out.

Sooze said...

Ditto, Megs. He's useless.

andrew the one foretold said...

wasn't this a post about justin morneau breaking his nose? i think a post about sidney ponson's inability to pitch deserves it's own post or series of posts all together.

Sooze said...

Eh, footnote. He pitched last night. And it's a sore subject.