I Still Love You

Mark could not be more hetero in this photo.Chicago White Sox hurler Mark Buehrle said yesterday there is absolutely no animosity between him and catcher A.J. Pierzynski, even after he acted a fool in our interview.

Buehrle defended back-up catcher Toby Hall on Sunday after A.J. voiced his disappointment on a Chicago radio show about Hall being chosen over him for the starting duty in the Interleague opener against the Chicago Cubs.
"I think it is disrespecting Toby," Buehrle told the . "It's kind of saying: 'You can't do your job.' I don't see where he has to be in there just because it's a big rivalry. That doesn't matter. He needs a day off."
A.J. likes getting punched in the face on a regular basis.Buehrle talked to Pierzynski before Monday's game against Oakland and smoothed things over. He explained that A.J. just likes to be involved with the media and that the whole thing was just a big misunderstanding.

Buehrle added, "We're fighting right now, take the story and run with it." Sadly, Pierzynski declined to comment.

Fuck you guys.Manager Ozzie Guillen said that if the two want to fight it out, [lots of profanity] the locker room would be emptied so they could get it over with.

"They are going to be together for a long time. They're pitcher and catcher and I don't think there is going to be any reason to do that."

Unless Pierzynski tries to steal Buehrle's thunder again.

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Bassmaster said...

I think they all should just shut the hell up. Especially A.J..

Texas Gal said...

Love Mark "Mountain Man" Buehrle, HATE the Peniszynski. Therefore, as always, STFU A.J.

The good thing about AJ's misshapen, penis-like head, is that because he has no chin he can absorb haymakers easier because there's no jaw to shatter.

Sooze said...

But what would we have to snark about?

Anonymous said...

Know how I know you're gay?

You like a champagne bath.

Fornelli said...

I love A.J. Pierzynski, and I don't care what anybody thinks about it.

Sooze said...

I used to love him, Tom. I did. I even bought his jersey. Then I sold it on the ebays for like, $30 when he left Minnesota.

jake the snake said...

Ozzie's caption seems appropriate.