Willy Aybar Update

For those of you concerned or intrigued by the , it turns out he has a rather serious substance abuse problem.

The backup third baseman's agent, Luis Valdez, told the Atlanta Journal Constitution that Aybar is in Boston with his brother trying to deal with "drinking and drugs" before backpedaling minutes later, saying that he wasn't sure if the troubled young man was involved with anything other than alcohol.

As of right now, Aybar is on the disabled list with a sprained right hand, which he is supposed to be rehabbing with the club. He instead has been a no-show and in turn was suspended indefinitely.

Braves assistant GM Frank Wren said the club was aware Aybar has substance issues, since that is one of the first things that comes to mind when a player doesn't report to the ballpark.

Aybar was scheduled to meet with the MLB Players Association in New York on Thursday, but overslept and would not be able to make it until Friday.

Hat tip to Satchmo.

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kerrie said...

drug and alcohol abuse was the likely conclusion, it's too bad people have to waste their talent that way. hopefully he'll get some help and get his act together.

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