Season Preview: The Washington Nationals

This is it, folks. Our fifth and final preview of the National League East. Thanks for putting up with our lack our poetic talent. With just 4 days remaining until the season opener, here we go: The Washington Nationals season preview haiku.

Nationals LogoGuz up the middle
Cordero is the closer
Zimmerman at third
Austin Kearns out in right field
Lopez at second
Nook Logan out in center
Young out of trouble
The Nationals will look to
Not suck this season

[Depth Chart]


Megs said...

Aawwwww. Last one?

Sooze said...

Yep, last one. I'm sure you're the only one that's sad about this Megs. ;) They were terrible.

joey said...

You might be a little off when predicting that the Nats won't suck this season.

Still a great preview, I'll miss the haikus.