Season Previews: Colorado Rockies

Polishing off our fabulous haiku's of the National League West is none other than the Colorado Rockies.

Hawpe in right field
Taveras out in center
Helton is at first

Fuentes shuts the door
Jeff Francis is the club's ace
Sweet delivery

Sooze's prediction:
The Rockies finish second
High altitude myth?


Anonymous said...

A total cop-out and makes no sense.
Yet, somehow the funniest thing I've read all day.

Keep up the good work, gals.

Sooze said...

Not a cop-out, just a new technique. ;)

Joseph P. said...

Isn't Francis their ace? I guess that wouldn't fit in the Haiku, though.

Sooze said...

Well, he is in my eyes - but the #1 spot is a tossup in Colorado right now. All it really means is whoever is #1 starts on Opening Day, then every fifth day after, any way. I do love his high-leg-kick windup, but you're right. It wouldn't fit in the haiku.