It's All Zito's Fault... That Lush!

Most overrated pitcher of 2007: Barry Zito.
Remember five years ago? Me neither. I bet we all remember when the 2002 All-Star game ended early for no apparent reason, though.

From Peter Gammons...

As it turns out, the reason the 2002 All-Star Game ended up tied was that a pitcher on one of the two teams was imbibing in the clubhouse and was not in condition to pitch, hence the game ended.

And that's how home-field advantage is decided in the World Series, not by regular-season excellence.
Interesting point, Peter. AOL Sport Editor Andrew Johnson puts it all together for us. He says...
It's pretty fishy that Joe Torre would pull [Barry] Zito, a starter, after only three pitches, one out, one batter, and one actual strike, and furthermore replace him with another southpaw.
So, was he drunk? Given his reputation as a party animal/total weirdo, anything is possible.

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jake the snake said...

He was just high.

Bassmaster said...

Is this any worse than Dock Ellis pitching a no hitter on acid?

Okay, that's unconfirmed. But it's not like he didn't pitch under the influence of some drug every outing.

One More Dying Quail said...

Why is it fishy? The All-Star Game was July 9; on July 7, Zito had thrown 7.2 innings for the A's.

My memory is a little dim, but I seem to recall that there was doubt as to whether or not he would even pitch in the game, given the extremely short rest.

Sooze said...

Eh, I just like to stir the pot.

On one or two days rest, he probably shouldn't have pitched and that is exactly why Torre took him out when he did.

Drunk or not. ;)