Babes Love Bloggers

It's a pencil.Ever notice that Links tab at the top of the page? Those sites are bad ass. These guys deliver only the finest in sports-related rants, so we're showing our blogging pals some love.

Check out some of their recent stories...



metsnyc said...

You guys are the cutest, love the blog, come say hi some time if you don't think my comment is completely chauvanistic:)

extrapolater said...

You know, I really appreciate that. People always notice the handsome, but my cunning is severely underrated.

Jason McAdams said...

I really thought I would get the handsome reference. Maybe next time you could say "Minnesota lake lover Jason McAdams of My Baseball Bias".

Thanks for the shout out once again Sooze.


Congrats Buddy!

Sooze said...

You guys are the breast.

Jason, I wasn't quite sure what to call you, ;) but the post is now edited.

Jason McAdams said...

Dashing! Not bad. I'll take it.

My fifth grade teacher once told me that jocular would be a nice adjective to describe me.

I like dashing though.

Thanks Sooze!