Who Will Be The Twins' Big Bat?

Maybe that guy.

Jason Kubel tried to play through the pain last season and the year before that, he couldn't play at all. This spring he wants to give the Minnesota Twins a reminder on what exactly he can do when his knees are strong.

Kubel took over in left once Shannon Stewart's sore foot sent him to the DL late in May. He hit .333 in June, teamed up with one of the hottest months in Twins recent history, crushing five homers and driving in 16 runs in 81 at-bats - the biggest being a 12th inning grand slam winner at the Dome against the Red Sox.

Word on the street is that after the arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his right knee, Kubel is feeling 100 percent.

Perfect timing! Minnesota needs some production from the DH spot like you would not believe. Last season, seventeen different players were used there. Combined, they hit .258 with 63 RBIs - the worst in the league.

Rondell White, who was quite possibly the worst designated hitter of all time, was re-signed to be the regular left fielder. Though Kubel is still viewed as an everyday player in the outfield and will certainly serve as a backup for both White and Michael Cuddyer out in right, the perfect spot for him in the starting lineup is the DH spot.

He may have to work for it, though. Rehabbed Ken Harvey and [jolly] Matthew LeCroy, both in camp on minor league contracts, could also compete for the role. Newly acquired veteran Jeff Cirillo will be the backup corner infielder, but he may still have a big enough bat to see some time there as well.

Source: Minnesota Twins


RandBall said...

Good take on Kubel ... he's kind of a forgotten man right now but he has 20-25 HR, 80-90 RBI potential. He'd be a nice fit in the No. 7 spot behind Hunter. 3-7 would be left, right, left, right, left. The only concerns are his knee and his work ethic. He has a nice swing. (See, I can make serious comments, too).

Sooze said...

That last comment made me smile a bit.

It's pretty painful for me to think about the Twins' DH spot. I really do hope Kubel's knees are as in-tact as he says they are, cause like you said, he could drive in some serious runs. He was on a roll last June. I'd like to see a repeat of that this season. Lord knows Rondell doesn't belong there... not that he is a great fit in the outfield, either.

RandBall said...

Come to think of it, Kubel might even be better at No. 2 in the order. Punto and Tyner can't be expected to do the same things they did last year. Castillo, Kubel, Mauer, Cuddyer, Morneau, Hunter, White, Punto, Bartlett. Sounds like runs to me.

Sooze said...

Smell 'em.

RandBall said...

That appears to be the first post under the "Hole" category. I shudder to think what could follow.

deborah said...

i'm gunnin' fer "everyman" matty, despite the fact that jason is from belle fourche.
why would belle fourche be on the pro list for kubel? "wes triver" south dakotan athletes are reliable. you may all think "iceman" when you hear adam vinatieri's name; i just think "rabbit ciddy hick."

as for why matty, he's just so damn smiley. if kubel lightened up a bit, i might latch onto him as a matty replacement.

Sooze said...

The adjectives lined up with Matty's name are as follows: smiley, jolly, husky, mischievous and... hustle-y.