The New York Yankees will make another run at the American League East this year. Shocker.

The offseason this year has been fairly quiet for the Bronx Bombers. No blockbuster deals or major acquisitions. The most noise the Yanks have made involves sending The Big Ugly back to Arizona. As I always say, if you can sign a 43-year-old man with a bad back for a ridiculous amount of money, I say do it. Much to-do has been made over proverbially injured bench-warmer Carl Pavano in this offseason, with him claiming that he is able to win back the respect of his teammates after signing a massive contract back in late 2004, and then spending two full seasons with an assortment of hangnail and blemish-related injuries.

Starting pitching for the Bronx Bombers will be a question mark for them, with Chien-Ming Wang returning as the most productive and reliable member of the rotation. Andy Pettitte has made the return from Texas, but is quite old, and just spent a few years pitching in the NAAAtional League. We know what happens to pitchers who go from the NL to the AL (*cough*Matt Clement*cough*).

Mike Mussina is really hot, but injury-prone, up there in years, and quite inconsistent. Pavano will probably be in there somewhere. In keeping up with the trend to sign Asian guys during the offseason, the Yanks signed Kei Igawa to a 3 year, $20 million dollar deal. Mariano Rivera returns as closer. Duh.

The infield will be again anchored by Derek "Justin Timberlake steals all my women" Jeter, Alex "I might opt out" Rodriguez at shortstop and third respectively. Robinson Cano, who was nearly the AL Rookie of the Year last year, will start at second. And Doug "GIVE THE RED SOX FANS BACK THE FUCKING BALL" Mientkiewicz will be playing first base for the Yanks to allow Jason "Shrek/Balco" Giambi to become a full time DH. Miguel Cairo will be waiting around in case anyone hurts themselves, which is bound to happen.

The outfield may be the best in baseball with Johnny Damon, Hideki Matsui and Bobby Abreau all making returns for the bombers; switch-hitting Melky Cabrera might have to wait around until someone is injured to play.

This could be the most dangerous hitting team in baseball. However, pitching may come back to bite them on their pinstriped asses. The starting rotation is mostly old and injury-prone and nobody knows what kind of shape the bullpen will be in until the season actually gets going. Kyle Farnsworth headlines the relief crew, with lefties Sean Henn and Mike Myers, right-handers Luis Vizcaino and Scott Proctor also returning.

If everyone stays healthy, it'll be the Sox and the Yanks again for the AL East.

Depth Chart


ian said...

They might also have the ugliest outfield in baseball as well.

Sooze said...

Kyle Farnsworth needs a spanking.

What?! Who said that.

Marea said...

sure, it may be the ugliest outfield in baseball, but one of the hottest infields.
But I still hate the Spankees.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

My previews are so, so boring - can I be a chick for a day?

Sooze - look with your eyes, and not your hands :)

Sooze said...

Anthony - Guys can be babes. Look at Joe Mauer, for instance. He's a total babe.

Sam T said...

make your pick
Miguel Cabrera (marlins)
Melky Cabrera (OF)
Miguel Cairo (INF)

Sooze said...

I choose M.C.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

I'm not that good looking, Sooze. Nor I do have his bank account. However, I have a boring job where I am overpaid and live with my pet dog.

I'm 6'4-5" and about his weight, so perhaps I have hope.

Now, only if I can catch or hit the curveball...