Koskie Still Plagued By PCS

In other Brew Crew news, Milwaukee's third baseman, Corey Koskie has yet to participate in any baseball-related activities due to post-concussion syndrome.

In the wake of catcher from concussion-related illness, there is a looming fear that Koskie won't be ready for spring training, let alone the start of the Brewers' regular season.

If that is the case, Milwaukee could use a combination of Tony Graffanino and Craig Counsell to cover third base.

Assistant GM Gord Ash, who oversees the club's medical program said, "Sitting here, two weeks from the start of spring training, we can't say he'll be ready to play. We really won't know much until we see him and see what he can and can't do."

Koskie is a career .275 hitter with a .966 fielding percentage over nine seasons with the Minnesota Twins, Toronto Blue Jays and the Brewers.

Source: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel