Utley Inks $85 Million

The day after getting hitched, Chase Utley signed an $85 million, seven-year contract with the Phillies, avoiding his 2009 free agency. That should make for an extra special honeymoon.

Utley hit .309 last season with 40 doubles, 32 homers, 102 RBIs and 131 runs. He also had a 35-game hitting streak that tied for the 10th-longest in history; the longest ever by a second baseman.

Chase became the 15th player in major league history (the second from Philly after Chuck Klein in the early 1930s) to hit .300 while recording 200 hits, 30 homers, 100 RBIs, 40 doubles and 130 runs in a single season. He led Big League second basemen in longballs, RBIs, hits and runs scored for the past two seasons.

His agent, Arn Tellem, explained that when the Phillies came to them with this huge multiyear deal, Chase didn't really have to think twice since he loves Philadelphia and is hoping to retire there.




He'll be traded. It's the Phillies-it's what they do. They have a systemic problem trying to keep players.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Sooze, awesome look on the blog! Nice.

I agree with the Chase might he might be traded down the road, but for the value, the Phillies made a smart investment before he was due to become a free agent.

If he can keep up his numbers through the first few years of the deal and not swoon like Burell, then they might win out on the contract.

- Anthony, the Oriole Post

Sooze said...

Yeah, any time a team can get away with a contract before arbitration, they're pretty safe.

Anthony, look for Lizzy to do an Orioles Preview post soon!

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Thanks, Sooze. I just did a Red Sox review earlier & an Orioles one this weekend -- those things aren't easy.

Good luck!

- Anthony, the Oriole Post