A New Era For Babes

From the beginning, Babes Love Baseball has been a Minnesota Twins blog. I've enjoyed the growth in readership, comments and writing about how amazing the Twins are (they'll always be the best in my eyes).

However, I've decided to expand this little blog and bring another babe on board. Welcome, Lizzy. May your Red Sox burn in hell.

We will be covering all Major League teams, MLB news, games, stories and players past and present. Especially the hot ones.

We'll cover the mishaps, the controversies, the anguish and elation.

We'll begin by profiling one team at a time up until the first pitch of the regular season. It should be fun, so stick around and spread the word!



Two babes? Wow. All we need is love.

Gave you a plug!


Rich said...

Well, I'll miss you over at TCSB, but I kinda knew you wanted to get back to baseball. Anyhow, don't be a stranger. Oh, and welcome, Lizzy. I'm Rich, Sooze designated me as the stalker. I'll put up a photo of the restraining order later. :-P

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Cool Suze! Good luck. Anyhow, hope is all well and thanks for the link!

Well, I am going to start podcasting in a few weeks, and might start up a baseball show with some other O's and AL East bloggers.

Anyhow, we if need some Twins input, would you be willing to be a special guest?

Take care the best of luck with expansion of the blog!

- Anthony, the Oriole Post

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

BTW, I gave Mauer and Hunter some love on my blog in my latest post...

- Anthony, the Oriole Post

Lizzy said...

Hello! This is my first attempt at the ebays blogesphere. Sooz is funnier than, me.

Sooze said...

But you're hotter, Lizzy.