Blah Blah Steroids

Congress is monitoring former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell's investigation of steroids in baseball and could intervene if he doesn't get more cooperation from the league.

Mitchell was hired by commissioner Bud Selig last March after more than a year of allegations against Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and other suspect sluggers.

Mitchell told baseball owners on Jan. 18th that he intends to interview active players and stated that Congress could possibly compel testimony from them, or just check them for back acne and popped forehead veins.

The leaders of a House subcommittee that held the 2005 hearings on steroids pledged their undying support for Mitchell in a letter sent to him Tuesday, which was to the media Wednesday.

Source: Sign On San Diego


Bassmaster said...

Blah Blah Steroids IS RIGHT! I'm SO SICK of this topic!

Sooze said...

Yeah, it's pretty sickening. As Americans, we eat this shit up, though. Our society loves itself some drama!