Celebrating a Legend: Happy Jackie Robinson Day

I thought I'd celebrate Jackie Robinson Day today by sharing a few links to some different articles on the legend's career and life, and how we celebrate his legacy today. Enjoy.

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Padres to host 42 youngsters on Robinson Day [San Diego Padres]

MLB diversity slumps to '58 levels [Athletic Business]

Jackie Robinson Day special for Adam Jones [MLB]

Whoopsie: Orioles Ballgirl Fields Live Baseball [VIDEO]

Ever do something super embarrassing and wish you could un-do it? Or at the very least, hide your head in the sand for a little while?

This Baltimore Orioles ballgirl, who we forgive because she is adorable and obviously has the skills to pay the college softball bills later on in life, made a pretty big Whoopsie on Sunday. She fielded a live baseball to result in a ground-rule double.
/sad trombone



MLB and Match.com: It Could Be Love at First Pitch

Are you a lonely baseball fan? Tired of yelling at umpires from your couch all by yourself and having only your cat to high five after those big moments? Sick of attending ballgames with your buddy and his wife? Embarrassed after having to break up with yet another person after they couldn't recite the opposing team's depth chart? I feel you girl.

Well, you're in luck. Match.com has partnered with Major League Baseball to give the popular dating site some baseball flair. It's free to peruse, but you have to register to actually discuss America's Pastime with like-minded fans in your area. It could be love at first pitch.

Obvious first date ideas:
  • a public place
  • like a ballpark
  • or a bar
We'll let you know asap when Tinder wants to help you "meet" the baseball-loving guy or girl of your dreams.